Character Creation Guidelines

So you've been invited to participate in a game taking place in the World of Madius campaign setting. If your DM is Chronos, the following page will give you all the information you need to create a character that will thrive in this wonderous world. If you haven't already, have a look at the basics of Madius page, as it will give you a better frame of reference about this world (some things are very different from a more standard campaign setting).

Here are the mechanical character building rules:

  • All new characters come in at level 1. This includes character re-rolls. If you would instead like to make a significant change to your character, make a request for a character rebuild from the DM.
  • Abilities are determined using 35 point buy in standard games, or 32 point buy for E6/E12 games
  • NPC classes will use the following array instead of the non-elite array to compensate for higher player point buy: 14, 13, 12, 12, 10, 8
  • Max hp at level 1, average rounded up for each level after 1st (no rolling for HP).
  • Retroactive skill points are gain from increased intelligence.
  • All material available, though I reserve the right to disallow material at my discretion. This will be done well beforehand, and not mid-game, after it has been selected. For this reason, I will tend to be highly involved in the character creation process, or at least do a full check of characters at level-up to veto any un-approved material before a session occurs. To prevent losing your selected abilities mid-session, don't leave level-ups to halfway through sessions. I will usually give players the entire week between sessions to level-up, try not to leave it late.
  • I am open to any race/template combo, but be aware that all characters will be starting at ECL1, so if you have a race with a higher start than ECL1, you must use either existing savage progressions, or accept any homebrew savage progression I create. I reserve the right to disallow any material I deem unfitting for either the setting, or the game I intend to run. Acquired templates must be earned in game.
  • My optional LA/gestalt rule will be in effect for those choosing to utilize it.
  • Fractional Saves and Bab will be in effect for those who are multiclassing/gestalting.
  • Flaws will be allowed/disallowed on a per-game basis.
  • Average starting gold
  • Retraining will be allowed at no cost or downtime, however it will only be available to characters who are genuinely unhappy with their character decisions, or when the retraining is done to represent the advancement of a character's abilities. For example, a character with the magical training feat, using the feat to represent prior magical training, may retrain that feat upon gaining a level in sorcerer or wizard (depending on which version of the feat they took). This does not apply to feats or abilities that are made redundant or useless over the course of time, for example, combat casting becomes practically useless at later levels, but is quite useful at earlier levels. Do not make choices with the intention of retraining them when they become less useful down the track.
  • Check the homebrew section for variants/changes that may apply to your character.
  • No more than 20 gold may be leftover after character creation. Any coinage beyond this that is not spent on gear is considered forfeit.

Please see the optional rules page for more information about which optional rules will be in place for any particular game.

If players wish to aim for acquired templates, they should contact me beforehand about them and we can work something out for your player, although players can expect to work hard for those kinds of templates. I may also opt to throw templates onto players involuntarily, and players can either embrace them and enjoy them, or take it as part of their character’s story to rid themselves of these templates (I’m talking things like lycanthropy, vampirism, things like that, that some may like, and others may not. Those are just two very cliche examples though, many other kinds of templates may be seen over the course of a player’s career).

Please keep character goofiness to a minimum, I don’t run those kinds of campaigns, and poor tactical decision making will be taken advantage of by enemies. You’re adventurers, not the three stooges.

If you would like to start creating characters, you are free to do so within the constraints written above.
There are three main tidbits of information I’d like to know beforehand about your characters:
The mechanics: how will this character run from a pure dice and numbers standpoint?
Your character’s personality, motivations and goals: this extends beyond simply your alignment, tell me what your character is like to be around, why he or she acts the way they do, what your character is trying to achieve with their life. These don’t need to be overly elaborate, or if you want to simply roll with it once the game starts and determine your character’s personality through play, that’s perfectly fine as well, although every little detail helps to create a more vibrant and invigorating world. This will also help me give you a set of paragons that your character is likely to be aware of, and at your discretion, that your character will revere.
A little bit of backstory: How did your character end up where he is? Are you an outcast from another city/region, and looking to start anew? Is your character a local? Are you a thief from the slums, stealing food every day to survive? The details like names of cities, or noble houses can be neglected here since you don’t have access to much information about the world, come up with something simple but interesting. More is not necessarily better though, try not to include outrageous feats in your backstory, remember your character is level 1, with 0 experience. He hasn’t performed incredible heists of wealthy merchants, he hasn’t negotiated a merger between two feuding noble houses. The events of your backstory can, and are encouraged, to be significant, at least to your character, but not something that the bards will sing about, let those stories be told as we play.

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