Formerly the head house of the southern drow, House Aleanund controlled the other houses with an iron fist, backed by the almighty Lolth herself. After Lolth's fall in the first great planar war (known then as simply the great planar war) House Aleanund refused to lose faith in their goddess, and through sheer dedication and force of will managed to find their queen, lost in the cosmos, creating the first Lolth binders. With this show of power from their seemingly dead god, House Aleanund controlled the southern drow with an iron fist, though their influence could not keep the northern drow in check. It wasn't until late in the 14th century AE that House Aleanund lost it's control over the southern drow with the death of their matriarch Vexellatri, and the kidnapping of her daughter Lyralei. This left House Aleanund without a matriarch for the first time in millenia, and the house quickly fell to the other ravenous noble houses, leaving it a shadow of its former self.

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