Below is a list of the various Paragons of Madius. The paragons are powerful creatures that govern the planes where mortals depart to upon death. While powerful, they are not to be confused with gods or deities, beings of immense power who were destroyed in the first planar war shortly before the start of the current age. The Paragons announced their presence to the world of Madius shortly before the end of the first millenia, 1000AE, and became known to almost all the people of Madius as their acolytes and priests spread their word. At least a basic understanding of each Paragon's portfolio is known by all literate citizens of Madius, though particularly isolated locales may be ignorant of their existence.

While the term “Paragon” specifically refers to the powerful outsiders that collectively rule Heaven, Hell, Harmonia, Discordia and the Elemental Planes, it can also informally be used to refer to other powerful beings such as the Queens of the Fey, as well as their seasonal fey court leaders, or the fearsome Dragon Lords who garner not so much worshippers as much as followers and armies as they vie with each other for control of Madius from behind the scenes. First Era gods are, for the most part, all dead, and are not usually included under the moniker of “paragon”, instead usually referred to as “the fallen pantheon” or “old gods” (not to be confused with Great Old Ones).


Paragons encompass much broader followings than the huge array of gods in other campaigns, and as such their clerics have a much broader range of domains to choose from. Many paragons have favoured domains that many of their clerics devote themselves to, though the clergy is not in any way limited by these domains. Generally, as long as the domain is in some way related to the paragon, a cleric may choose that domain.

For example, Nortrom and Nephthys are the paragons of hedonism, making their favoured domains Lust, Pride, and Greed, however hedonism can easily manifest in desire for things that others own, making a domain like Envy an equally appropriate domain for their followers to select.

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