Antiochus and Lilith, Lord and Lady of the Underworld

Symbol A skull atop a scythe
Home Plane The Underworld (Hell)
Alignment Neutral Evil
Favoured Domains Corruption, Death, Evil, Pain
Favoured Weapon Scythe

Antiochus and Lilith represent the epitome of all that is considered evil. They are often portrayed as standing atop a mountain of suffering mortals wielding a scythe each, who cry and reach out in pain. Their singular goal is the total corruption of mortals to the path of evil, relishing in the fall of the righteous above all else. Their followers are few and far between, as they promise nothing but a painful eternity in hell, though the most well known of them hunt evil mortals who seek eternal life as both a reprieve from death and as an escape from the clutches of hell. Due to their goals generally coinciding with those of local law enforcement, Antiochus and Lilith are the only evil paragons whose worship is openly allowed, though their followers are often also highly monitored.

Paladins of Antiochus and Lilith

Gain: Detect Undead, smite undead in place of smite good (see paladin variants for more information on how smiting stacks with this variant), lay on hands in place of deadly touch, turn undead instead of rebuke at full paladin level (still granted at level 4). Antiochus and Lilith hate all undead without remorse, and grant their paladins the tools to destroy them.

Code of Conduct: A paladin of Antiochus and Lilith must be of Neutral Evil alignment and loses all class abilities if she ever ceases to be Neutral Evil. The paladin may choose either an aura of despair or debilitating aura class features from the paladin of tyranny or slaughter variant paladins. In the case of an alignment change, the paladin's powers can only be restored by an atonment spell by a cleric of Antiochus and Lilith. Additionally, a paladin of Antiochus and Lilith must take every opportunity to destroy undead creatures, even if it is to the detriment of their associates or in some way furthuring a cause of good. The paladin may otherwise not perform acts of good unless they are a means to the discovery of undead, though these acts of good must be balanced by acts of evil and corruption. For example, a paladin may save a town from invading orcs if the mayor has information of an undead creature and will only share it with the paladin if he helps the town. He must then, however, go on to perform an equally evil act. This may include sabotaging the town's defenses after the information has been gained and tipping off another orc encampment for a paladin of Slaughter, or subjugating the town under his rule in return for saving the village for a paladin of Tyranny.

Associates: While she may adventure with characters of any alignment, a paladin of Antiochus and Lilith will never knowingly associate with undead characters, nor will she continue an association with someone who consistently offends her moral code. A paladin of Antiochus and Lilith may accept only henchmen, followers, or cohorts who are neutral evil.

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