Kali Ma

Name Kali
Race Feral Wood Elf
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Paragon Skadi
Class Barbarian 4 / Fighter 1

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Kali is a fierce, hot blooded wood elf who is brutal in combat. She has no mercy for those who pose a threat to friends, or to the wilds. She is pragmatic and practical, very strong but not always the most educated or intellectual member of the group.

She is at home in the wilds, is self sufficient and can take care of herself. She doesn't take well to outsiders due to her upbringing and history. However circumstances have thrust companions upon her.

She is heart-bound to Skadi and yearns to avenge her family and free her people from the spell they're under.

Kali's Beginnings: The Shae'ennei

“The other elf tribes shun the Shae'ennei. They call them bone-eaters and death-friends. I've seen them converse with spirits. They honor the jungle like a god and are connected to their forest's life-force in a way no one else truly understands.” — Mitra, Uriel missionary*

The tribe Kali was born into is a reclusive wood elf society. They shun outsiders and have their own intricate belief systems, rituals and societal structure. The forest they lived in was called Shae'ennei, and due to their spirtual beliefs they referred to themselves as Shae'ennei.

Belief structure and practices

The other tribes call them fanatics, but none deny that the Shae'ennei elves have an iron-strong bond to some force greater than themselves.*

The elves believed the forest was a physical manifestation of the forest spirit, and that they were an extension of this spirit and forest. Their saw their role as guardians, stewards, protectors of the forest, charged with guiding the natural path of things and serving the creatures within the forest.

They oversaw the seasons of the forest - its growth and renewal, as well as its cycle down in the months of winter. They cared for the animals and guided the birth and flourishing, as well as the management of populations.

Their service was borne of love for the forest, and the perfect balanced ecosystem that lived within.

Shae'ennei Societal Structure

Shae'ennei society was structured as follows:

  • The oldest elves oversee the tribe and ultimately guide the workings of society. They are respected throughout the tribe and work in service for the tribe and society. There is no power mongering or politics - simply a matter of age as to when you become one of the elders. At some point, each elder merges with the forest and gives their life force to the forest. This is by choice and is an act of love, service and sacrifice. Their gift provides the druids and fighters with much power with which to protect and shape the forest.
  • The druidic caste communes with the plants and animals, maintains the balance, and brings out the fiercer aspects of the forest. Their knowledge is passed through family lines and each family has their own particular stream of knowledge.
  • The warrior caste is the fiercest caste. They physically protected the tribe and forest, and keep watch at the borders. Similar to the druidic caste, each family has their own weapons, passed down through family lines, gifted by the elders-who-were-a-sacrifice.

Shae-ennei Culture

Shae'ennei fertility rite music

Welcome to the earth, when Snow Melts

The Autumn lament

The tribes culture would have been considered 'primitive' by other elven societies. The Shae'ennei shunned material possessions except that which would help bring them closer to the forest, and help them protect the forest. They also held in high regard heart-creations, that is items crafted with heart and in service to the forest. Though they made few artifacts in their long lifespans, what they did make was treasured and passed down through generations.

The tribe loved music and anyone who made it into the depths of the forest would hear their singing or melodies.

Within the safety of the forest and tribe the spirits and emotions of the tribe generally reflected the seasons.

  • Spring: The elves would celebrate, prepare renewal chants and conduct fertility rituals.
  • Summer: Embracing the sun, Warriors are initiated during this time in the light of full noon.
  • Autumn: Traditionally when elders have felt it is time to give themselves back to the forest. The twilight season - a time of retreat, solitude, yearning for what has been.
  • Winter: The death season, celebrating the moon. Creatures die, trees are destroyed by the harsh climate. Each elf family fends for themselves. The druids are initiated at midnight in the light of the full moon at this time.

Shae'ennei known as "The Dark Woods"

“I've done this a long time. You run an expedition, you figure out quick what your curse is gonna be. We've had no problems with the Grotag, the vampires, and the bloodbriar. The curse is the damned elves. And I've known elves—some people call 'em haughty, and it's certain they've seen more'n you ever will—but these deep-jungle kind are far worse. They're phantoms, slipping in and out of the greasy vines, moaning their chants on the night's wind. They're our curse this time, the Shae'ennei, I can feel it in every beat of my heart.” —Chadir the Navigator *

“One bone broken for every twig snapped underfoot” - Shae'ennei penalty for trespassing *

The tribe has been protecting the forest for centuries and during this time they have shaped the forest to be inhospitable to those who wish to defile it. Amongst outsiders it was called many names including Shae'ennei the Dark, the Dark Woods, Dras-Shae'ennei and so on depending on who you speak to - fearful place with dark rumors abounding.

Animals in the forest were said to be fiercer and more formidable, and it was said that even the very trees, roots and plants would fight against invaders.

The elves believed nothing was fouler than the defilement of perfect nature, and as such, they responded swiftly and brutally to any defilers of the forest. Many hunters, woodchoppers and adventurers have disappeared within the forest.

Kali's place in society

Kali's family were of the warrior caste, and were proud and strong. They celebrated the birth of their daughter and taught her well. She grew to be strong, and a fierce warrior with a burning temper. Many of the other elf-children learned not to bait Kali unless they wanted to fight. Kali's family and fellow warrior-teachers taught her how to channel her ferocity in combat, and to move more swiftly than she normally could through using her rage.

The Outsider & Kali Flees

One day, a new wood elf is sensed in the forest - an outsider. The elves are initially suspicious but she weaves silver words and seems like she holds sunlight under her skin. The tribe believes she is an avatar of the forest, a heart-sending that will help guide them on how to better serve the forest.

Slowly the Outsider - whom the tribe refer to as Shae-ennei herself, or just as 'the avatar' - establishes a rulership and dominance over the tribe. Changes are made, subtly at first but growing in magnitude. Dark changes - perverting the natural order of things.

Many elders are forced to give their sacrifice early - and directly to 'Shae'ennei'. Predatory animals are encouraged to overbreed, to hunt men, and are made cunning and darkly powerful. Families are directed to reproduce.

These changes happen subtly, and due to something unknown to the tribe, they cannot recognise what is happening, and the wisest of their kin are now gone.

Kali is still young. She doesn't notice what is going on - she believes in the forest avatar and believes the changes are made for the good.

Kali's family are sacrificed

One day, the avatar calls the elves together and says that the forest needs more than just the cool blood of elders. The forest needs fresh blood, hot blood. Blood that can feed the trees and animals and spark a fire in them. She cries that a warrior caste family needs to be given to the forest and their blood spilled plentifully.

The warrior caste are dutiful to their tribe and when the avatar demands Kali's family as a sacrifice, they bring her family forward.

Kali on this day had found a wounded deer on the way to the gathering and had fallen back to tend to it. She heard her families screams. She rushed forward but one of her friends saw her pushed her back - behind a tree and quieted her. The crowd had somehow worked into a blood frenzy. Kali climbed up the tree to get a better view - and witnessed her mother, father, sister and baby brother being bled out like pigs.

She ran. For the first time in her life. She was scared, horrified, and the witnessing of that had broken her enchantment with the avatar and she saw the horror of what the tribe was becoming.

Alone, scared and traumatised

Kali ran through the forest - she knew they could find her anywhere within the perimiter of her beloved Shae'ennei and so she had to leave. She travelled by moonlight, and was guided and helped by the animals on her way. Somehow, the tribe didnt find her, stop her or track her. She didn't think about this though.

On her way, her rage settled into her bones, and began to transform her. She grew closer to the animals.

She ended up south of the elven lands.

The Adventurers

During a dangerous storm out in the plains, Kali seeks refuge in an old ruined tower. Joining her is a drow, a human wizard and a blue humanoid. They end up exploring the ruins and battling the evil within. Kali lets them in - besides nero - and takes to protecting them.

Kali's Death and Resurrection - Dedication to Skadi

During a fight with Kobolds, a Kobold elder kills Kali with a death ray - and also kills another party member. Kali falls and regains consciousness in the Feywild.

She responds poorly to having a limited spirit body - and after being mistreated by invisible fey who called her 'big head' she drifts away and finds herself in the winterlands in a blizzard.

As she drifts she finds herself at the heart of the storm - the calm centre. There she sees a beautiful fey creature in a big winter cloak, with black hair and completely blue eyes. In the exchange between them Kali is rendered completely rapt. The creature offers her a purpose - to hunt and destroy the blights upon the land. Kali wants to give her spirt and energy to this creature. The creature touches her on her heart and tells her to pray to Skadi. Kali falls prostate in total surrender - and is jolted awake as the ressurection spell takes place and sees Lyralei and Willard and Erky.

Kali now is heartbound to Skadi, and yearns to meet the creature she saw in the feywild.

Is she strong enough to rescue her homeland? She wants to seek skadi's approval to take this on and find a way to save Shae'ennei.

The destruction of Shae'ennei and Ressurection of Lolth

Kali heads back to the forest to try to save her people - and finds a blighted wood and all her people turned into driders.

She and her party members destroy the drider nests and confront the false avatar.

They do not manage to succeed, and instead, the dying drider souls feed a ritual set in motion by the false avatar.

The consummation of the ritual results in the forest spirit being consumed and lolth being resurrected.

Kali spirals into despair.

*flavour text not the property of this wiki and sourced from various Magic the Gathering cards

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