Marybelle, Lady of Demons, Saviour of Sarona

Name Marybelle
Race Human (Sylvaris) Half Fiend Half Fey Half Celeistal
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Paragon Nortrom and Nephthys
Class Wordcaster 5
/Storm Mage 10
/Human Paragon 3
/Wyrm Wizard 2
/Master of Familiars 1
//Warblade 15
/LA 6

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Marybelle was born the princess of Sylvaris, a burden to be sure, but one she was proud of. First born, she was the smallest of her siblings, a fact of which they consistently reminded her. She quickly learned to use the wits that come naturally to all Sylvari girls since Nortrom blessed them with his blood, using guile and deception to overcome the hardships her sisters would place upon her, setting up traps to counter their ambushes, and escaping their clutches when they sought to grapple her into submission. A year before she was to inherit the title of Queen of Sylvaris, a position her mother had been grooming her for for years, Marybelle decided for herself that she would go out and see the world before coming back home and attaining her rightful place as the supreme leader of Nortrom's daughters.

Arriving in Sarona by boat, having beguiled her way aboard an expedition ship, come to explore the seemingly majestic jungles of Sylvaris, Marybelle quickly found herself overwhelmed by the incredible differences in the “civilized” world. The most startling and unnerving difference was the amount of men out in the open, and free to do as they pleased. In sylvaris, men were despised, and treated as cattle for breeding. Only the most able bodied men were fit to mate with Sylvari women, and the rest discarded, not even fit for manual labour. In her short travels, her ability to charm people at a glance had her noticed by an old man, a wordcaster from Sarona City. Interested in Marybelle for more than her magic, he proposed a deal with her, he would teach her magic, and she would become his apprentice, appeasing his other… desires. Initially disgusted by the prospect of doing such things with a man, let alone such a lecherous old one, she was tempted to kill him on the spot, but the appeal of learning magic was too much for Marybelle to decline. Accepting his offer, and servicing him in the quickest manners possible, making sure to protect her chastitity, she quickly picked up the basics of magic.

As she grew more confident, she began to explore Sarona city on her own, spending her time charming men and pitting them against eachother, until a fateful encounter one night. Her magic failed her, yet the man she had tried to charm still came to her aid after she recieved a blow from the people she had been antagonising. As he had tended to her bruises, he had discovered her otherworldly nature, and yet not batted an eye, instead introducing himself as Jeremiah of Dragon's Roar.

Magic Items:

  • +1 Unholy Dagger
  • +4 Bracers of Armour
  • Ioun Stone, Purple (Gift from Lucy)
  • Minor Cloak of Displacement
  • +4 Headband of Intellect
  • Spellstoring Bullets
  • Karma Beads (1/day +4 Caster Level for 10 minutes)
  • Vacuous Grimoire (Cursed)
  • Anklets of Translocation
  • Gloves of Fortunate Striking
  • Ring of Shield Other (Other possessed by Jeremiah)
  • Ring of Mind Shielding
  • Vest of Concentration
  • Identify Monocle
  • Scout's Headband (Combined with Monocle into a unique magic item called 'Google of Identify'
  • Veil of Storms
  • Electro-Static Robe
  • Ring of Fire Shield
  • Circuit of Persuasion
  • Cubic Gate (Hell, Fire, Negative, Material, Ethereal, Shadow)

Personal Arcane Books:

2 Ancient Wizard Spellbooks (

Wordspell Books:
  • Old Man's Acid Book
    • Corrosive Bolt
    • Acid Wave
  • Old Man's Dispelling Book
    • Suppress
    • Resist Arcana
    • Unmake
  • Mother's Gift
    • Lightning Blast
    • Ball Lightning
    • Thunderstrike
    • Storm Master
    • Sound Blast
    • Discordant Note
  • Nadeem's Change Book
    • Altered Form
    • Bestial Form
    • Monstrous Form
  • Nadeem's Body Book
    • Energy Resistance
    • Disappear
  • Nadeem's Fire Book
    • Burning Flash
    • Fire Blast
    • Cinder Storm
    • Inferno
  • Nadeem's Long Range Book
    • Far Casting
    • Far Sight
    • Fire Wall
  • Amelia's book of Weakening
    • Escalating Enfeeblement
    • Waves of Fatigue
    • Channeled Lifetheft
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