Name Mara (Marzanna)
Race Frostwind Virago
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Paragon Skadi
Class Cleric

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Background / Concept Elements

1) Marzanna painstakingly carved a fist sized holy symbol from blueice until she felt it was perfect.

2) Marzanna left the feywilds in search of mortals who are not as well adapted to survival in the beautiful but harsh winters that she is used to. Seeing life struggle through such winters, faltering and often dying, inspired her. For those that did manage to survive the harsh winters, grew stronger for it. It seemed to Marzanna that it was as if Skadi saw potential in each survivor, and blessed them for their perseverance and endurance.


1) Observe Humans and the likes interaction with winter and how they cope with it. Those that survive based on their own merit, shed offer help and reveal to them that Skadi has blessed them, attempting to sway them to worship or at least revere Her.

2) Create an organised worship of Skadi on the material plane.


1) Skadi

Memories / mannerisms / quirks

1) Winter makes Marzanna ridiculously happy, but anyone who shows misery in the face of winter irritates her to no end.


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