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Name Nero
Race Water Genasi
Alignment CN (E)
Paragon Kael
Class Unchained Summoner (Synthesist) 10
Feats Power Attack
Extra Evolution
Extra Evolution
Great Cleave
Evolutions Biped (limbs [arms], limbs [legs], slam)
Water Breathing
Immune to Sleep and Paralysis
Immune to Cold
Large (4 EP)
Improved Damage (1 EP)
Reach (1 EP)
Skilled: Tumble (1 EP)
Immunity to Electricity (2 EP)
Aspect: Immunity to Fire (2 EP)
Magic Items +1 Necklace of Natural Weapons
Armbands of Might
Shoes of Ultimate Athleticism
Ring of Cold Iron Touch
Belt of Giant Strength +2
Cloak of Charisma +2
Gloves of Dexterity +2
Vest of Resistance +1
Headband of Protection from Evil and Disguise
Metamagic Rod of Lesser Extend
Wands Wand of Align Fang
Wand of Rejuvinate Eidolon, Lesser
Wand of Restore Eidolon, Lesser
Spoken Languages Egarian


More than a year ago, Nero was a normal Water Genasi with his best friend and companion, Lahara, a small Water Elemental. He and Lahara were just quietly trying to make their way through the world in a small pirate community where everyone hated him for being strange and they claimed he was 'cursed' because he was the sole survivor from the crew of the Stormskipper pirate ship, which ironically sunk after getting caught in a storm. Its not his fault that he can breath water as well as air and didn't drown. All that changed when he met the well known Drow singer, Lyralei Rilyntlar. Deciding to leave the small pirate settlement in South Confusa that he called home, he accepted a job with Lyralei as her bodyguard as she traveled across Confusa. Their travels were pleasant until one dark and stormy night where events began to go down hill for Nero. The pair noticed a brewing storm and sought shelter in an abandoned castle where they ran into two other fellow travelers, Kali and Willard, and due to Stormpeace agreed to share the cavern, where they encountered many trials and tribulations. From then on the 4 stuck together, for a time, for it was not to last for Nero.

The band traveled to the small town of Oakhurst, where Kali promptly got in trouble with the law, and Nero's initial impression of her was confirmed: She was a volatile and untrustworthy person. However Lyralei assured him that she was fine, and a necessary addition to their little troupe. Whilein Oakhurst, Lyralei got wind of a couple of people who had gone missing, intent on exploring the Sunless Citadel, so the group decided to help Kali out of prison and leave the town post haste to try to find the missing folks. It was down in the dark and putrid depths of the Sunless Citadel that Nero met his fate, an untimely end to a hoard of kobolds thanks to the selfish actions of Kali.

The next moment, Nero realised he was in some kind of bustling city. Foreign by any standard and populated by all manner of incredible people: genies, elementals, mephits, and even other Genasi, like him. Looking up where the sky should be he saw a fantastical kaleidoscope of colours, converging at the top of an impossibly tall tower. The wavering energies from the colours looked almost like raw elemental power. He was in Conflux, the sprawling metropolitan hub of the Elemental Planes. Which means he was dead. Which means he could maybe try to find Lahara!

Looking at the sky he tried to figure out what portion of the immense city might be the Water District, and spotting it he set off in an attempt to be reunited with his only real friend.

Nero searched for lahara for what felt like an eternity until something happened, and he was ripped from the planar utopia…

Picture not the property of this wiki (source)

He awoke laying on a cold, hard, stone surface. Staring down at him was a regal looking man, with a hint of disdain in his eyes.
“Rise, my minion.” And Nero sat up, without telling his muscles to move.
“Greetings, Master.”
“You will call me Lord Gulthias, i have a very important mission for you, my new pet. Now listen carefully…”

Lord Gulthias explained his plans to rebuild a dragoncult to the dead dragon ascendant Ashardalon, here in the ruins of the Sunless Citadel: The site of Nero's untimely demise. For some time, Nero aided his Lord and Master in raising a veritable army in the dark depths. Nero grew and developed. He learnt many things from Gulthias and was soon able to summon the essence of his long lost friend and companion Lahara, but channeling her through himself and letting her fuse with his body. Lord Gulthias had even managed to gain the addition of many powerful creatures under his command.

Undeath was good, until deep from beneath the Sunless Citadel, through the ancient caverns and tunnels that lead down to the Underdark, a Drow invasion force swarmed through, completely sacking the Citadel, and in the process, slaying Lord Gulthias. The Drow razed the place, but not before Nero and Lahara were able to escape with his coffin.

Since that time Nero and Lahara have been fleeing. Following a river at night and sleeping in his coffin at the bottom by day, feeding where ever he had to and slowly realising his glorious Undead 'life' was not what he thought it was. Nero learnt of stories of Drow attacks in other places on Confusa, and learnt of one drow in particular in a city called Brindinford: it was non other than Lyralei. Nero believed that with Lyralie's help he might rid himself of this blessed curse and try to live a normal life again. With new found purpose Nero and Lahara set off continuing down the river, stopping in towns to feed and find out more about Brindinford: Domnating people when necessary to gain more information on Lyra…

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