Name Rocco
Race Human Wereboar
Alignment ???
Paragon Lion Spirit
Class Barbarian 3

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Rocco was born a natural lycanthrope, a wereboar to be exact, and lives a rather solitary life wandering the forests of the Elven Lands. He served as a protector for the small communities of elves and fey throughout the woods, being gifted with what he enjoyed most in life; food, drink and the gold to buy it with. In his mind, earning a reward and displaying his strength came first, while the safety of the people came second unless it was in dire need of attention.
But as his strength grew, so did his appetite. Rocco found that the little folk were far too generous with the rewards they gave him, and he could not help himself from accepting their offers. His appetite began to have negative effects on the people, culminating in one small elf village being completely massacred by a horde of unusually intelligent animals after the guards were too weak to defend it until Rocco arrived.
The other protectors of the forest were angry with Rocco, telling him to go other places where the food was more bountiful. Feeling insulted that they doubted his prowess, Rocco began to think it would be a good idea to wander the world, earning varied edible rewards and spreading the news of his skills in battle. By travelling with a group of adventurers he could see what the world outside the Elven Lands had to offer, and hope that the food and drink will be on them.
Rocco prefers to be in hybrid and occasionally animal form whenever possible, unless in situations where it would get him into trouble. Even in human form he retains some boar like characteristics, such as his upturned nose and prominent canines. The most noticeable thing about his appearance is his immense girth, and how his fatness hardly seems to hamper the speed of his ferocious attacks, a clear sign of his inhuman strength.
In terms of personality, Rocco will help those in need, but will be less enthusiastic about it if the reward has not been described. Overall, he is a friendly companion, but will always try to outdo his comrades in feats of strength. This is both to assert his presence and to display that he is a useful member of the group. A promise of food or drink (which he defines as anything that stays down and is not poisonous) and a chance to show off is a sure fire way to get him animated. Rocco will try not to kill someone unless they intend to kill him.

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