Name Shiva
Race Frostwind Virago
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Neutral Evil in Winter
Paragon Skadi
Class Crusader 6
Notable Abilities Furious Counter-strike,
Steely Resolve
Indomitable Soul
Zealous Surge
Feats Combat Expertise
Combat Reflexes
Path of the Virago Dodge
Flyby Attack

Art commissioned by (Xinaelle)


Born the daughter of Skadi, Shiva lived in the long, dark shadow of her mother. Many expected great things from her, others would see her as a means to gain Skadi's favour by association. As a young fey, Shiva quickly grew tired of the formalities, deceit and underhandedness of the unseelie court's politics.

Leaving the court, she lived in the feywild for several years, enjoying the solitude, marveling at the terrifying destruction wrought by the snowstorms that would pass through the verdant landscapes, leaving behind nothing but withered life, scarcely clinging to life. It wasn't the death that she marveled in, it was those who survived, wrought with suffering of those they had lost, and the biting chill of the cold.

She enjoyed her life, that was, until one night, as she strode through a blizzard one night, listening to the howl of the wind, she spotted a light in the distance. What could it be? she had thought. Approaching, she had discovered it to be the campfire of a group of mortals, coming from inside a cave. How dare these mortals defy the will of mother nature! she had thought, as she entered the cave. The humans had no time to react before Shiva had wreathed the cave in shards of ice, snuffing out the campfire and instantly killing many of the group, before approaching the survivors, her chin held aloft as she looked down upon them. Not understanding their cries, she drained the heat from their bodies, placing them an inch from death's door, before leaving the cave, her temper boiling with fury, though her face still as a calm lake.

Furious at this incursion of Mother Nature's holy lands, Shiva knew her purpose, she would seek out the source of this incursion and wipe it out, surely such a paltry vanguard must mean that these mortals were so few in number, she would find them, and cleanse the world of this treachery, in her mother's name.

Striding into the heart of the feywild's winter storms, she found herself a vein of blue ice, an ice as strong as steel, from which she forged herself a mighty sword that she would use to slay the enemies of mother nature, before setting out to the material realm, seeking the elves for aid, they would be able to point her in the right direction.

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