The Madius Calendar

The seasons of Madius are based on an elliptical orbit, meaning the north and south hemisphere do not experience different seasons. This means that summers are at least moderately warm (getting up to 20 degrees celsius) even quite far north and winters are quite cold everywhere (-20 possible even at the equator). Areas with particular geographic features, such as Sylvaris may experience a more stable, year long climate.

Months (40 Days)

1 Sun's Birth (Summer)
2 Sun's Wrath (Summer)
3 Sun's Wane (10 days Summer, 30 days Autumn)
4 Fall's Beginning (Autumn)
5 Snow's Descent (20 days Autumn, 20 days Winter)
6 Cold's Embrace (Winter)
7 First Light (30 days Winter, 10 days Spring)
8 Rising Twilight (Spring)
9 Half Sun (Spring)

Full Moon on the first of each month, New moon on the 21st of each month

Days of the Week (5 days)

1 Morndas
2 Tirdas
3 Middas
4 Fredas
5 Loredas (Weekend)


1st-10th Sun’s Wrath: Midsummer
11th-20th Fall’s Beginning: Sunset Harvest (Dragon’s Pillage)
21st-30th Cold’s Embrace: Midwinter
31st-40th Rising Twilight: Dawn Planting

6th Half Sun: Sieas Day (A holiday similar to Valentine's day)

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