Paladin Variants

The paragons of Madius grant their champions different abilities to further their goals. Unless otherwise noted, the paladins do not recieve a Detect spell-like ability. Smite abilities stack with other smite abilities in similar nature. Where two different smites affect the same kind of creature, they stack for damage, though the bonus to hit depends on which smite ability the paladin chooses to expend. For example, a Paladin of Antiochus and Lilith 5/Hunter of the Dead 3 has 2 uses of smite undead from his paladin levels, and 1 use from his hunter of the dead levels. Whichever he chooses to use when smiting undead he will gain +8 damage, however if he chooses to expend his hunter of the dead smite he will gain his wisdom modifier as a bonus on his attack roll, or if he chooses to expend a paladin smite, he would instead gain his charisma modifier. This applies whenever the paladin's smite ability overlaps with that of another class, such as a paladin with smite evil and smite undead using a smite on an evil undead.

Some paragons may have specific codes of conduct for their paladin to adhere to instead of the typical paladin code of conduct. Paladins of a specific paragon (that is, those who put their paragon before their dedication to an alignment) must match their paragon in alignment. In the case of paragons of a partially neutral alignment, the paladin may pick between variant abilities of the paladin types that share the common alignment. For example a LN paladin of Eligos may choose either his aura of courage or aura of despair. This applies for all variations of abilities between the two paladin classes.

The specific changes of each paladin variant appear on the page of their respective paragons.

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