Uriel, The Benevolent

Symbol ???
Home Plane ???
Alignment Neutral Good
Favoured Domains Good, ???, ???, ???
Favoured Weapon ???

Uriel, often portrayed as a handsome robed man, surrounded in a nimbus of light, is the patron of benevolence. He seeks salvation for all who have strayed from the path of good, and believes that even the most corrupt and foul demon can be redeemed in the radiance of all that is good. His followers are healers and pacifists who seek to bring light to those who live in the darkness, and are often found volunteering to help the poor and misfortunate.

Paladins of Uriel

Gain: Nonlethal Strike, Nonlethal Smite. Paladins of Uriel follow their paragon in nonviolence, using their smite against any who would seek to harm another for any purpose. Against nonliving and mindless creatures, paladins of Uriel can use their smite abilities to deal lethal damage, as long as it is the pursuit of protecting those in the paladin's charge. See paladin variants for more information.

Code of Conduct:


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