Name Aviana
Race Steel Dragon
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Paragon None
Class Marshal 2

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Loot History


Aviana hatched from her egg alone among a nest of the broken eggs of her brothers and sisters. From inside her egg she had heard the struggles of her family outside days before her time to hatch, but it had gone quiet and stayed that way for days, her parents no longer coming by to speak to her as they had done for the months prior. Had they left? Did something happen to them? In her worry and haste, Aviana had hatched a little too early, before she had finished the final stages of her development. Hatching, she saw the remnants of her brothers and sisters, a terrible first sight for any creature, let alone a fully sapient newborn dragon.

Leaving the hatchery feeling nauseous, she quickly noticed the bodies littering the floor, clearly killed by her parents.. but where had her parents gone? Had they abandoned her? Did they mean to? Or had they thought all the eggs lost? Had they been overwhelmed? What kind of people would do something like this? Who could they be that they were able to overwhelm a dragon like her parents? These thoughts had rushed through her hours old mind before being interrupted by pangs of hunger. Her body still weak and trembling, she tapped into her innate shapechanging ability, changing into the visage of a beautiful young elf, scavenging the most intact clothing of the invaders that she could before searching for some food. Finding the storehouse raided and mostly empty, she ate what she could find and found a comfortable corner that she could curl up into and fall asleep, too scared to leave her parent's cave.

Waking up to another bout of hunter, Aviana made her way back to the foodstores, too distracted by her hunger to notice two ominous figures approach from the central cave.

Wincing and blocking the light with her hand as they shone a bright lantern in her direction, before her eyes adjusted and she saw two humans, her heart skipped a beat in panic and fear. Where these the same people who attacked her parents? Her mind was put at ease when she quickly noticed them not wearing the same style of clothing and armor as the fallen attackers. They introduced themselves as K and Tyche, offering her aid and food. Seeing compassion for the first time in her short life, she was greatly enamoured with these strangers, doubly so when they offered to keep her safe and show her the world outside. Together they traveled to Tyche's hometown, where they adventured together, Tyche on his crusade against the undead while K and Aviana followed in the pursuit of knowledge and experiences that no other vocation could match. Shortly after they began their travels, they met Barra, an earth dwarf, in the ruins of an underground archive, collecting maps and records of varous other ancient ruins scattered about in the area. Sharing a thirst for knowledge with Aviana and K, he was quickly invited to join the three of them in their travels with the hope of discovering the ancient secrets of civilizations long lost.

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