Name Hugrim
Race Phrenic Human Half-Giant Mineral Warrior (Termina Mountains)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Paragon Tzaphqiel
Class Warblade 6
/Initiate of the Perfect Soul 7
/Fighter 1
/Psychic Warrior 2
/LA 4

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A half-giant hailing from the Termina mountain range, Hugrim moved to Sarona City searching for fame and riches and a reason to make his tribe proud of him. Having been born into a tribe of cloud giants, he was always treated as a fragile child, which, compared to his family, he was. Learning the ways of the Diamond Mind and Iron Heart Hugrim eventually learned to leverage his skills to match the power of his bretheren, but upon meeting the members of Dragon's Roar, including Jeremiah, Aquilo, Sarah and Marybelle, he sought a means of greater power. Turning inward, Hugrim returned to his tribe and learned the way of the Perfect Soul, utilising the power of his mind to become one with the universe, learning to bend reality itself to his will. Having perfected himself, Hugrim's search for power outside of his own led to his demise by seeking the infernal powers of hell to make his own.

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